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What is a Search Engine Friendly Site?

When it comes to online visibility, you have got to take the "bull" by the horns...

Search Engine Optimization, better known as "SEO", is all the rage these days. Almost anywhere you turn online for ecommerce information, you're going to find extensive information of varying degrees of quality and accuracy on the topic of SEO (how to get your site into the "top ten"). Well, after thinking long and hard on whether or not to "get into the industry" (of SEO & SEM), we've begun planning our approach and services.

Initial Setup Fee: $899 $1,499 $2,499
Initial Consultation & Site Review:
Monthly Phone Consultation:
30 Minutes
90 Minutes
240 Minutes
Homepage SEO:
Monthly Ranking Reports:
Keyword & Keyphrase Suggestion:
Up to 50
Up to 150
Up to 500
SEO "Knowledge-Base" Access:
Meta tags Analysis:
Body Text Analysis:
TITLE Tag Analysis:
Website Submission:
Major Search Engines
Major Search Engines & Directories
Over 50 Search Engines & 100 Directories
Link Advertising:
Up to 15 Links
Up to 75 Links
Up to 300 Links
HTML And CSS Code Validation:
Up to 100 Pages/Files
Up to 500 Pages/Files
Monthly In-Link Reports:
Out-Link Analysis:
Competitors' Website Analysis:
Page Size Analysis:
Site Inclusion Reports:
Monthly Fee: $195 $295 $495

For Custom Packages
Contact us Toll Free
(877) 544 -7447


Contact Us Toll Free At
(877) 544 -7447
For Advance Purchase Prices

3 Months 5% Discount $185 $280 $470
6 Months 10% Discount $175 $265 $445
12 Months 15% Discount $165 $250 $420
Before we continue, we'd like to point out a few new areas of our website where you can, at your convenience, review ongoing discussions about SEO, SEM and organic ranking practices and various related topics, learn and understand technical jargon more thouroughly, and even contribute and ask questions. We truly feel that these new resources are the best starting point for 99% of our viewing public.

For those of you who know what you want and are ready to actually engage an SEO or SEM for services and would like to discuss your proposed project with a SEO Specialist, we are offering complete, customized SEO services at this time on a per case basis. For more information on our current or upcoming search engine optimization services and products, please contact our Internet Development Department.

Initial Consultation & Site Review:
As part of our SEO plans, we will provide you with an initial review of your website and a telephone consultation so that you can understand what parts of your website need to be improved.
Monthly Telephone Consultation:
Each of our SEO plans include a monthly telephone consultation, which will allow you to speak directly with a member of our SEO team. This monthly consultation is intended to facilitate progress reviews and implementation of new website features, in addition to any other questions which you may have.
Homepage SEO (Content Optimization):
Since the homepage is the most important page of any website, we like to work directly with our clients in their need to optimize their homepage for search engines. Since this involves a lot of manual work, it is provided to the more advanced packages only. This includes copy rewriting, optimized for SEO.
Monthly Ranking Reports:
In order to help you monitor your website's performance, we can provide you with positioning reports for your main key phrases in the most important search engines (Google, Yahoo etc..)
Keyword & Keyphrase Suggestions:
It is important that your website is optimized for as many potential target keywords as possible, since different people use different keywords to search for the same thing. For example, one person may search for “computer”, while another may search for “pc”. With keyword and keyphrase suggestions, we’ll enhance your ability to target a wider audience percentile.
SEO "Knowledge-Base" Access:
We have a database of some of the best SEO tips & tricks. In addition, we answer some of the most frequently asked question about SEO. This knowledge-base resource provides instant answers at the tips of your fingers!
Meta Tag Analysis:
Meta tags generally include the description and keywords tags. It is important that these tags include your primary target keywords, since search engines look at these when determining the relevance of websites.
Body Text Analysis:
The body text is the text that is actually visible on a web page. This text is extremely important because it is this content from which the keywords are extracted. We will perform an analysis of this text to ensure that your keywords are included, and of optimal “keyword density”.
TITLE Tag Analysis:
The TITLE tag is perhaps the single most important element on a web page because it is heavily used by search engines. We will analyze its contents, ensuring that it contains your primary keywords and keyphrases.
Website Submission:
Did you know that there are hundreds of directories and search engines on the Internet? Sure, most of us use only Google, MSN or Yahoo but in order to reach everybody, it is important to be listed in as many of these search engines and directories as possible. With our submission service, we will ensure that your website is considered for listing in as many search engines and directories as we can find!
Link Advertising:
As search engines have evolved, more emphasis has been placed on links and link structure. It is important that there are other websites linking to your, because this is considered in the ranking procedure. We will find and acquire valuable links for your website so that your search ranking improves optimally. Please call for details!
HTML & CSS Code Validation:

HTML & CSS code are read by search engines, and web browsers. Through the analysis of your HTML, search engines will extract keywords and determine the relevance of your website. If your HTML code does not “validate” with respect to the HTML coding standards, then search engines may not be able to correctly read your website, thus resulting in poor rankings. With HTML & CSS code validation reporting, you will be able to determine problems before they arise.

Monthly In-Link Reports:
With monthly in-link reports, we will show you how many web pages are reportedly linking to your website in various search engines. Since these links are important, the objective is to gradually grow the number of pages linking to your website. With our monthly reporting system, you will be able to very clearly monitor the change in in-links.
Out-Link Analysis:
The analysis of outbound links is very important, because search engines reportedly evaluate which websites you are linking to and their relevance to the topic which your website covers. Improper outbound links can result in poor search engine rankings.
Competitors’ Website Comparison:
Because it’s important to keep an eye on the competition, we provide a service which allows you to compare certain website criteria of your website and your competitors’ website side-by-side. If one of your competitors achieves great search rankings, then this service might show you exactly how they did it.
Page Size analysis:
The size of a page is simply the kilobytes the file takes up in space. In addition to this, we show the number of images and includes which may slow down page loading.
Site Inclusion Reports:
Site inclusion reports will show you how many pages of your website is included in each search engine. When compared with the actual number of pages, this shows what percentage of your website is actually “indexed” in search engines.

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